B2R - Business To Retail

In a world filled with technology, talking to people over the phone, or face to face is integral to the sales business

Adding a personal touch goes a long way towards creating and maintaining a successful business. Want to boost your sales? Retail market is the backbone of today’s economy as well as for effective sales. Without the presence in retail stores, businesses rarely achieve the high level of exposure or widespread product distribution that retail market offer.

Question is HOW WE ACHIEVE IT? How will your product will reach to maximum retailer with exposure? We help customers to reach maximum by working on basics.

Our focus area:

Expanding retailers/distributors network bandwidth
Large Target Market
Setting up new retailers/distributors channel
Tapping untouched market
Increasing your reach in short span of time
Data insights for business continuity planning
Increased sales
Enhanced productivity
Market Buzz

We are dedicated partners representing and promoting your business to boost market share and increase revenue.

Is reach your problem?
Is your market channel stagnant?
Want to target untapped market?
Looking for expanding your existing network?
Is a direct sale or channel sales target a problem?
Looking for Brand building in market?

We will provide you with marketing and retailing solution to your entire channel sales problem.

Streamline your business development with 9peddle

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