About Us

Do you have the following building blocks of growth in place, and can you manage them?

Is reach your problem?
Is your market channel stagnant?
Want to target untapped market?
Looking for expanding your existing network?
Is a direct sale or channel sales target a problem?
Looking for Brand building in market?

9peddle will provide you with marketing and retailing solution to all your problems

9peddle is the leading Market Expansion Service provider focusing to increase your smart customer base. The aim of 9peddle service is to enable companies in expanding their product or Service to new geographic regions or in growing their business in existing markets.

9peddle generally supports companies at different steps along the value chain including marketing, sales and distribution as well as customer service and support. The combination of marketing experience and focus on front-end processes allows us to reduce complexity and costs for clients wishing to expand their product or service to grow their market share.

Why we are different?

9peddle’s teams works under a structured proven model that is backed by the latest in technology, to catapult the marketing results for companies we work with. Each day you receive an updated work-in-progress report and each month a comprehensive report outlining all deliverables for the month and relevant analytics.

Streamline your business development with 9peddle

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